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Ever wanted to make your own bow?
Innovative Hands on Methods of Teaching

You will create your very own English Longbow or American Longbow in this 2 day course

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Demonstrations and Informative seminars
Steve will come to your club, school or learning centre

Informative seminar on the English Longbow discussing bow making and the use of the Longbow in warfare

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Visits to Workshop and showroom
Come and see your bow being made or just relax with a coffee in our showroom

By appointment only

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English Longbow and American Longbow Course dates:

English Longbow 1st-2nd June 2019  £400
American Longbow 6th-7th July 2019 £350
Medieval War arrow : Contact for details



Bow making course details

Bow making courses are done over a weekend where a maximum of 3 students will create their own bow, either an English Longbow or an American Longbow, Students will be given a glued up bow stave and will be taken through the process of shaping and tillering their own bow to the draw weight they require, making the bow string and handle grip if required and will leave with a fully functioning bow they have made themselves.